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Paul Barnwell

After teaching for thirteen years in Kentucky public schools, I’m now on a “sabbatical” of sorts, traveling globally with my wife Rebecca. Check out Roads and Revisions for our latest updates. I’m still writing about teaching and learning, and I’m also supporting projects affiliated with Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf Teacher Network, Teaching Partners, and Center for Teaching Quality.


psbarnwell at hotmail.com 

Twitter: @mindfulstew

19 thoughts on “About Paul/Contact

  1. Thanks for the mention! It’s inspiring to be engaged with such a thoughtful community of writers/thinkers/photographers, and I’m excited to see what else I will discover in the coming weeks and months.

    1. Of course! Your posts are very interesting and engaging. I couldn’t agree more. I learn so much and so many posts make me think and stretch my mind. I love it! BTW – I am still planning to reblog your post re the restaurants. Probably this week. 🙂

  2. Paul,

    I love your story on digital storytelling recently on PBS.org and also your article on goal setting. I also been very involved for the last five years with helping students with digital storytelling. I’m a former special ed teacher and developed a program called Tel.A.Vision, http://www.telavision.tv. It is a curriculum, website and software to help youth create vision videos of their future as though everything they want in their life has already happened. It is had a profound effect on the students around the country that have completed these videos. If you’re interested please visit my website and if you’d like a free trial let me know.
    Best wishes

  3. Hey Paul — I found your blog through Broadside’s post today. I went to law school in Louisville and try to get back to visit every chance I can from here in West Virginia. Looking forward to your posts!

  4. Hi, Paul! I randomly found your post and thought about giving you a big like for the picture with the chicken on your shoulder. You have nice hobbies (especially cooking) and an interesting job. Keep up the good work! Love, Anny Moore.

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